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Our Company has been engaging the services of Mr See from SpringField Consulting for years. He is someone whom we can count on; he is well-versed with our requirements and expectations and always try to match potential candidates to our Company's culture. Since our first transaction with SpringField Consulting, we had ceased using other recruitment agencies as unlike most agencies which are more concerned with closing deals and making money, SpringField always put our Company's welfare and interest as its first priority.

Ms Gabrielle Lee, MEA Technologies Pte Ltd

Onboard Plc. and SpringField are long term partners. We are completely satisfied by the results of our mutual work and consider SF as a reliable, trustful and loyal company that truly meets our expectations.

Mr. Iani Simeonov, Recruitment Manager, Onboard Plc


I am glad in working closely with SpringField Consulting Pte Ltd as they are experienced agency and capable in handling all recruitment aspects.

They give great help in giving good advice with their attentiveness and readiness to help and reach out to all of my inquiries and they are prompt in delivering quality candidate.

We will strongly recommend SpringField Consulting Pte Ltd to our counterparts and business contacts with recruitment and human resources needs.

Vanessa Chun, HR & Admin Executive, Hyundai Merchant Marine (S) Pte Ltd